How It Works

Selected people in your organization can choose the information to add, remove or edit depending on their access level.  Using a simple administration website, they can add and remove all types of information, photos, and documents depending on your type of organization.  No programming or technical experience is needed, if you got to this website, you can easily update information for all of your members.  Our secure and password protected system allows you to easily delegate who is and is not allowed to update information to various groups and members. 






The members which they use to install the Communicator onto their computer. Once installed information is automatically sent directly to each parent's computer. All they need to do is select which information they would like to receive by selecting the grade(s) and activities in which their children are involved. (They can change these settings at any time.)

Content that's actually useful

The InTouch Communicator includes all the information members really need to know. News, calendar events, a photo gallery, timetables, contact list & links to useful resources. There are also critical alerts for news that just can't wait.

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